Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 Digital Camera Review

The market for digital cameras is extensive and anybody searching for one could be at a loss as to what choice to make. The advantage that the Lumix TS3 has is that it can be used under water at up to forty feet so is one of a few totally waterproof cameras.

Further advantages of this impressive camera are that it is also shock proof and if dropped from a height of no more than six and a half feet it will incur no damage at all. As far as water proof cameras go, this is pretty impressive, but, of course, if used constantly it will begin to show signs of wear and tear and durability while searching beneath the waves it is a must for any diver.

What This Waterproof Camera Means For You
Further advantages of this camera are that its body is designed in such a way that it is dust proof so no abrasive particles can access the inner workings and cause untold damage. As it is still a highly sensitive piece of equipment, as far as waterproof cameras are concerned, so constant and excessive abuse will take its toll but cared for properly it will serve its user well.

As far as durability is concerned, the Lumix TS3 is built to withstand freezing temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. So, whether you are a diver, skier or just a walker, this is the camera for you. To enable a user to locate exactly where a particular picture is taken, there is a GPS function. This is not a feature
that can be rushed as it takes some time to initiate but in wide open spaces it is a great asset and along with the barometer, altimeter and compass. There are not many water proof cameras that have this type of facility

Quality Pictures Every Time
For those who rate picture quality as their prime concern, then this camera remains impressive. With a LEICA DC28mm wide angle lens the picture quality is very good and 1920 x 1080 AVCHD video is equally impressive. However, the down side is that the flash is controlled individually and this can cause problems in situations where
the light is not too good, a common issue with waterproof cameras. It is advisable to locate the right setting manually when taking advantage of the Active Outdoor scene mode or the IAuto mode for the best results. While taking this into account due to the high speed CCD sensor and Venus Engine FHD, the fast action pictures that can be taken with this camera are of a very high standard and way in front of its many competitors in the water proof digital camera market.

Any all action individual that is searching for a hand held camera that will suit their every need will need to look no
further than the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3. What more can a person ask from a dust proof, freeze proof, shock
proof under water camera than what this impressive piece of equipment can give. Although when taking pictures
indoors, certain things need to be taken into account but for all lovers of the outdoor environment this is definitely a
must have camera.


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Fashion video

Fashion Video2Over recent years, video has become an important promotional tool for fashion. Professional fashion videos can enormously expensive to make, yet posting one to YouTube can be a much more cost effective way of promoting a label than investing in a major ad campaign, especially if the video goes viral.

While fashion videos are all about selling fashion, they are also an art form. Many fashion videos are very impressive and have achieved critical acclaim. They have also proven to be an inspiration for many would-be fashion video makers.

In the past making any kind of video was best left to the experts, but nowadays technology has come to the rescue. If you have a camera with automatic light adjustment, steadicam, auto focus, and other high tech features then, although the process is still demanding, it is within the ability of an amateur to make a reasonable job of it.

There are some good examples of amateur fashion videos on YouTube, though there are some very bad ones too. But don’t let that put you off. If you feel that you would like to start a YouTube fashion channel, or even something more ambitious, here are a few tips that should help to get you going.

Team work

As well as your models you will need a crew. Making a fashion video isn’t something that you can do yourself, shooting a video is far too complex for one person as there are many tasks that must happen simultaneously, for instance the lighting, taking shot, handling the audio and directing the action. So the first stage is to put a team together. If you have some talented friends then it shouldn’t prove to too difficult.

Planning the video

The first thing you will need to do is to carefully plan your video. This is probably the most difficult step of all when you are starting out, particularly as you have no experience of the full process. Don’t expect to get it right the first time; you will find that it is in iterative process and that you will improve your ability to plan as you gain experience.

Start off with some of the basics. For instance how long will the video be? How many shots will you need to create the final video? Will there be a dialogue or narration? What music will you use?


Next you will need to come up with a storyboard. Essentially your storyboard is your visual plan.  This is where you decide on the theme of the video, the sequence of events, the clothes that you will use, the models, the camera angles, and so forth. You should sketch out everything that will happen in the video and add any notes as you go along.


Lighting is crucial and will hugely impact on the final quality and even the message of your video. You will need to use lighting to set the mood of the video, to direct the eye to the model while emphasising and deemphasising elements, to bring out the colour and the texture of the clothes, and to ensure that your model or models look beautiful. The elements of three point lighting are:

  • Lighting from the side will emphasise texture, creates shadows and create a dramatic effect, but it could be cruel to your model it here face is lit from the side.
  • If you wish to emphasis the model’s form then back lighting is the best way of doing so. You can use a back light to add space between your model and the background.
  • Lighting from the front will hide shadows and texture; it will also hide any imperfections the model might have, so it is the most flattering light, but it can flatten the scene and remove any drama.

You will need to strike a balance between all of these.

Producing the video

Shooting a video is both an art and a science. You will need to know instinctively how to handle all the controls on your camera, and you will need to have, or at least develop, an eye for taking good shots. At first most of your attempts will fall short of what you are aiming for, but don’t be discouraged. Eventually you will find that you get into the zone and everything will fall into place.

Post production

Once you have all that you think you need “in the can” you will need to edit and encode the final video. The first step is to get rid of all the stuff that doesn’t work and to hone down to the footage that has promise. Next you will need to put it all together. You will need to get hold of some decent video editing software which allows you to input all of your footage and edit it into you final video. You will need to add music, transitions, and titles and then convert it into the right format.

Beyond YouTube

Once you have tested the water with YouTube and you are happy with your progress you may have ambitions to move on. There are many open entry amateur film festivals, both online and venue based, with appropriate categories where you can show your fashion video work.